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VDT - Vacuum Dust Trapper system


The Vacuum Dust Trapper was developed by MAC3 in a "Caring for People Approach", a core value for the company. The VDT is a dust extraction system adaptable on all breakers and hammers.


When using these tools, the production of dust is frequent and the dust emanations, to which the construction workers are exposed, can eventually cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

With the VDTMAC3 wants both to improve the comfort of use of pneumatic tools, but also to reduce the risks of occupational diseases



  • No electrical or external energy needed: The system works with a simple compressor connection and an air powered Venturi vacuum device.

  • The VDT system is Universal: It can be used with any Breaker or Chipper, All Brands.

  • No water required: No water on the work or in the tank, eliminates water slurry on job site, all dust is trapped in the pail and by the washable HEPA filter.

  • 16 feet of vacuum hose: Allows ease of movement for the worker.

  • Light and Portable: VDT package is easy to move around the job site.

  • Low Air Consumption: Only 35 cfm is required, a 90 cfm compressor will run a VDT and a MAC3 90lb breaker. 

  • Start/Stop button on the VDT: Allows the operator to easily run the VDT independently from the tool or hammer. 

  • VDT standard with Silencer: Reduces exhaust noise on the air powered venturi.


  • Washable reusable filter conforms to OSHA Standard 1926.1153

  • Pressure: 87 psi

  • Air consumption: 35 cfm

  • Vibration: 0

  • 5 gal tank

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