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VDT, MAC3 Vacuum Dust Trapper

In the field of construction and public works, dust particulates are one of the main causes of work-related illness, particularly affecting the respiratory or cardiovascular system.

Since its creation, MAC3 is differentiated by a constant search for a balance between economy of use and comfort of the user. The health of the operator and its protection are thus systematically taken into account during the development of MAC3 products.

A vacuum dust trapper for hammers & breakers

In this approach, which is dear to its « caring for people » values, MAC3 presents today its new product: the Vacuum Dust Trapper (VDT), a dust vacuum cleaner operating only with compressed air and adaptable to all pneumatic hammers and breakers in the market.

The VDT has been designed by MAC3 teams to offer maximum ergonomics, whether in use, performance or improved working conditions:

  • The VDT works exclusively with compressed air: There is no need for additional energy sources like electricity or water;

  • The VDT has a low air consumption: with the combined use of a MAC3 breaker & vacuum VDT system you only require a 90cfm compressor;

  • The kit is lightweight, easy to position, site adjustable and it can be located up to 16 feet away from the tool;

  • The VDT venturi operated air system is equipped with a silencer to significantly reduce operation noise;

  • The VDT filter is removable for easy cleaning and the system is fitted with a washable HEPA filter designed in accordance with OSHA standard 1926.1153.

The VDT is available

The VDT, sold as a ready-to-use kit, offers a reliable solution to help reduce the silica risks related to occupational diseases without reducing the performance of pneumatic tools.

VDT package is already available. So, if you are concerned about optimizing your customers working conditions and OSHA compliance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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