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The MAC3 innovation process

Exchange, proximity and support are terms that often come up at MAC3 when we talk about the relationship with our customers and partners. This attentiveness allows us to constantly monitor the needs of the field and develop products that are most suitable for users.

It is thanks to this attentiveness that the new MAC3 products are born. We have the ability, through an integrated design office and total control of our production, to imagine and develop solutions that meet both general and specific needs.

Internal ressources dedicated to innovation

To ensure the evolution of MAC3 product ranges, such as the development of new pneumatic solutions, the company has set up an in-house research department to ensure these projects.

Thanks to a team specialized in compressed air and powerful technical means, MAC3 can respond quickly and efficiently to the problems of its customers. MAC3 also has an integrated production tool enabling the rapid and efficient production of the prototyping and pre-series phase.

VDT & air pick, the latest MAC3 solutions

The PAC3000 air pick and the VDT, the vacuum dust trapper for pneumatic tools, are the latest compressed air solutions developed by the MAC3 team. These 2 products were born from the demand of people with hands-on experience which needed effective and more efficient products to work in a secure atmosphere.

The air pick completes the MAC3 range of pneumatic tools, providing an efficient and secure solution for work in sensitive areas such as water or gas networks or for landscapers.

Regarding the VDT, MAC3 has developed this solution to fight against dust emissions when using a pneumatic tool that are harmful for the user who is confronted during work.

These 2 tools, developed for specific needs, are now marketed by MAC3 and in tune with the notion of "people care". This notion is dear for the company and materialized by creating products that improve the working conditions of those who use them.


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